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Trying to find the tape measure when you actually need it is the most difficult part and, to be honest, you don’t even have to own one unless you have a job that asks for it. So what should a common man do when they have to measure up some furniture? Well, you can always use your smartphone and install these best Measurement apps for Android and iOS. Let’s Begin.

Best Measurement Apps

1. Measure by Google

Kicking off the list with Google’s own AR app, Measure. The app lets you measure real-world objects using just your smartphone. Although, you’ll need anARCore-capable phoneto make it work.

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7 Best Measurement Apps for Android and iOS - TechWiser (1)

Measuring the length with this app is very easy. You simply open the app, calibrate it and start measuring. The app automatically detects a surface and guides you on how to take a reading, which you can switch between imperial and metric units. You can use it to measure the dimensions of everyday objects like Tables, floors, doors, carpet, etc. Along with measuring the length, it can also measure the height of an object lying on a flat surface. The only requirement for this app to work properly is a flat surface.

You should expect a little bit of error while estimating the length of an object but it is generally negligible which should be the case for general purpose measuring. The app is free on the Play Store.

InstallMeasure (Android)

2. Measure by Apple

The second app is an iOS exclusive and conveniently enough also called Measure. It works on the same principle as the previous app and lets you calculate the length using the iPhone Camera.

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Using this app is very intuitive and I would say it is even better than the previous app. You can measure the length of an object by simply dropping a pin on either end and sometimes the app automatically pins itself and give you the length automatically. You can even measure the surface area of an object by measuring all the sides which is great for figuring out the carpet area of the floor. The app also has an inbuilt spirit level which lets you check if the objects in your house are perfectly level.

Measure for iOS is free on the App Store.

InstallMeasure (iOS)

3. RoomScan

We’ve scanned all the objects in the room but what if you need to measure the room itself? RoomScan is a well-made app to create floorplans. You can use this app to scan and measure every room in your house in great detail.

The app uses three techniques to measure out the dimensions of your room. The first technique, Scan by Touching Walls is so simple and efficient that you don’t even have to calibrate the app every time. Just place the phone against the wall, hold it until the app tells you to move to the next wall, and repeat until you reach the starting point.

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The second method uses AR to generate a 3D model of your room, you can scan the room, adjust the height, and even add doors and windows to the model. All the projects are saved on the app which you can export as an image, PDF, or DXF. The app is powerful enough to create a detailed floorplan of your house without much effort. You can use this app to create as many scans but sharing the scans is locked behind a subscription of $8.49/yr but you also get a free trial for 7 days. Android users can tryARPlan 3Dto create floorplans using an Android smartphone.

InstallRoomScan Pro (iOS)

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4. GPS Fields Area Measure

After scanning your room, let’s get bigger and check out this app. This app lets you measure entire plots of land from the comfort of your home. You can measure the size of your ancestral land just by using the map.

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Using this app is simple, open the app, find the area on the map, drop pins on all the edges, and done. The app instantaneously calculates the area and displays it on the top. You can adjust the edges calculate the area even if the plot of land is not perfectly rectangular. After measuring the piece of land you can save the picture on the Camera Roll and give it a title. You can also use it to calculate the distance between two points using the GPS mode which can also come in handy while measuring the area while walking along the edges of the property. The app is free and has ads.

Install GPS Fields Area Measure (Android), GPS Feilds Area Measure (iOS)

5. Google Maps

Google Mapsis not traditionally a measurement app, but one of the features that makes it great is the distance measurement feature.

7 Best Measurement Apps for Android and iOS - TechWiser (5)

You can measure the distance and perimeter of an area simply by traversing the route in the map. Drop a pin on the starting point from where you want to start the calculation. Swipe up to reveal a list of options and select measure distance. Now, swipe across the map to move the pin around, it will tell you the distance traveled. To make a turn, tap the + button and now you can make a turn. This method only lets you calculate the perimeter of an area or you can use it to calculate the distance between two points.

Install Google Maps (Android), Google Maps (iOS)

5. Ruler

We’ve checked out apps to measure lengths of objects and scan entire rooms but how do you draw a straight line without a ruler? Use your smartphone.

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Ruler app displays a ruler on the screen and two guide-lines which would help you draw precise lines. Depending on which phone you use, the app automatically adjusts the ruler and shows you precise markings. The app shows the divisions in cm which you can change to inches by upgrading to Pro version for $0.99 and you would get a tape measure, as well as, an AR-powered measurement tool. You can also check out their other app, Protractorto use your smartphone as a Protractor. Ruler is free on the App Store and has ads.

Install Ruler (Android), Ruler (iOS)

6. Angle Meter 360

Okay, so we’ve used a digital version of the scale and now we’ll measure Angles using the smartphone.

7 Best Measurement Apps for Android and iOS - TechWiser (7)

This next app, Protractor lets you measure the angles using your camera. It doesn’t use any fancy techniques to offer this solution and just displays an angle overlay which you align with the edges of the object to measure the angle. You can use it to measure the angles of the triangles in your math homework or to calculate the angle of the leaning tower of Pisa. Interesting right?

The app is free on the App Store. Check out the Android equivalent of this app,Protractor(free).

Install Angle Meter 360 (iOS)

7. Smart Measure

Smart Measure is the app that calculates the distance between the phone and objects in front using the build-in camera, similar to how lidar works. The data isn’t accurate but it is reliable and closest most of the time. But the true functionality of the app is calculating the size of the large objects.

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First, place the camera to the bottom of the object and click on the capture button. Now place the camera to the top of the object and again click on the capture button. The app will calculate the distance, perspective, etc to provide you the height of the object you have scanned. This app works for objects like fridges, wardrobes, etc. For measuring buildings, you need to get the Smart Measure Pro app for $1.50.

Install Smart Measure (Android)

Install Smart Measure Pro (Android)

Best Measurement Apps

These were my picks for the best measurement apps for Android and iOS. Every app is unique and brings something different to the table. Measure by Google and Measure by Apple are both excellent apps to measure the length of everyday objects. RoomScan is best if you want to create floor plans. Ruler converts your phone into an actual ruler. Sound Meter is an excellent app to measure sound around you and color Grab tells you what color are you looking at? Which apps do you use to measure things using your smartphone? Tell us in the comments below.

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Does Android have a measure app like iOS? ›

Measure by Google

Kicking off the list with Google's own AR app, Measure. The app lets you measure real-world objects using just your smartphone. Although, you'll need an ARCore-capable phone to make it work. Measuring the length with this app is very easy.

Is measuring app iOS accurate? ›

It's 95% accurate. In other words, if you measure 1 meter in length, it'll most likely show up as 95cm. 2 meters = 1.9 meters in the app. Do not use the app for approximate measurements for cutting wood.

What tool is more accurate than a ruler? ›

For example, a standard ruler can measure length to the nearest millimeter, while a caliper can measure length to the nearest 0.01 millimeter. The caliper is a more precise measuring tool because it can measure extremely small differences in length.

How accurate is Google measure app? ›

Google says the Measure app is accurate to within half an inch. Having tested it a few times, I'd say that's a safe bet. However, ARCore isn't as good at remembering where objects were when you move the camera to an entirely different part of a room and then come back to your measurement tool.

Can my phone Measure things? ›

Even more Android users can now measure things with their phones. Google Measure -- or what is essentially a virtual measuring tape in an app -- is now compatible with any device that runs ARCore, Google's platform for building augmented reality tools.

What are the 3 types of measurement? ›

You can see there are four different types of measurement scales (nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio).

Is there an accurate ruler app? ›

Ruler - Accurate Ruler 4+

You may already noticed that most of ruler apps are actually wrong. Accurate Ruler renders according to screen width spec of the device that your are currently using. So It is accurate. If your device is one of them, we insure it is accurate.

Which app can I use to measure? ›

Best Measuring Apps for Android
  • GPS Fields Area Measure.
  • Ruler.
  • ImageMeter – Photo Measure.
  • Smart Measure.
  • AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera To Plan.
  • Qardio Heart Health (Blood Pressure Measuring App)
  • Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter (An App for Measuring Walking Distance/Displacement)

What is the most accurate way to measure? ›

No measuring tool is accurate unless it is used properly. Laser measurements tools and micrometers are two of the most accurate measuring tools available. However, not all tools are accurate for all applications. When trying to find the most accurate measuring tool, you must consider what you're measuring.

What is the best free measuring app? ›

Best Measuring Apps for Android and iOS
  • GPS Fields Area Measure. (Android, iPhone, iPad) ...
  • Ruler® (iPhone, iPad) ...
  • Tape Measure™ (iPhone, iPad) ...
  • Ruler AR. (iPhone, iPad) ...
  • EasyMeasure. (Android, iPhone, iPad) ...
  • AirMeasure - AR Tape & Ruler. (Android, iPhone, iPad) ...
  • Kids Measurement Science. (Android)

What is the most important measuring tool? ›

  • Tape Measure. It's the essential measuring tool for a reason: though small in size, it's useful on darn near every project. ...
  • Combination Square. This is my number one measuring multitasker when doing any kind of woodworking, art, or design project. ...
  • Micro Rule. ...
  • Speed Square. ...
  • Framing/Steel Square. ...
  • Long Straight Edge. ...
  • Calipers.
8 Jan 2015

What are the 10 measuring materials? ›

Measurement Tools / Measuring Equipment
  • Vernier Calipers.
  • Micrometers.
  • Dial Gauges.
  • Height Gauges.
  • Depth Gauges.
  • Inner Diameter Measuring Instruments.
  • Gauges.
  • Squares.

Are measurements in Google Earth accurate? ›

Measurements of distances may not be 100% accurate, especially in areas with 3D terrain and buildings. For best results, measure using a top-down view. Tips: Measurements don't account for changes in elevation.

Why did Google remove measure? ›

"We're no longer able to support ongoing maintenance for the Measure app. Instead, we recommend trying one of the many alternatives available on the Play Store." So yes, Measure has been discontinued as Google is no longer willing to support the app.

Is AR ruler accurate? ›

Although it can be very accurate, we wouldn't want anyone measuring anything where high accuracy is required."

Can my phone measure a room? ›

RoomScan is a useful app that will allow you to quickly measure the dimensions of a room with surprising accuracy. All you have to do is tap your phone on every wall in the room and it will generate a floor plan.

Can phone be used as scale? ›

Can I use my Android as a digital scale app? Install the “Working Scale” app on your Android phone or tablet. Fold a post-it note in half so that the adhesive side is on the outside and place it on top of the cellphone or tablet. This will keep the items you wish to weigh from slipping off the scale.

How can I measure distance on my phone? ›

Measure distance between points
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app .
  2. Touch and hold anywhere on the map that isn't a place's name or icon. ...
  3. Select Measure distance .
  4. Move the map so that the black circle is on the next point you want to add.
  5. At the bottom right, tap Add point .

Is quick measure free? ›

Sign up for your free trial today!

Whether you're using it with Excel or as a stand-alone, QuickMeasure OS will have you completing takeoffs in no time.

What is the best free measuring app for iPhone? ›

You Might Also Like
  • Tape Measure™ Utilities.
  • Ruler AR - Tape Measure. Utilities.
  • CamToPlan - AR tape measure. Utilities.
  • Tape Measure® Utilities.
  • Measuring Tape: AR Measure App. Utilities.
  • Ruler, Measuring Tape - AR. Utilities.

What are types of measurement? ›

There are four main levels of measurement: nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio.

What are the 7 types of measurement? ›

There are seven base units measurements namely meter, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, mole, and candela. The most common among these are kilograms, seconds, and meters.

What are the 5 types of measurement? ›

types of measurements are:
  • Indirect method of measurement.
  • Direct method of measurement.
  • Fundamental method of measurement.
  • Substitution method of measurement.
  • Comparison method of measurement.

What is the best free measurement app for Android? ›

Distance Measurement and Digital Tape Measure Apps
  • Download: Measure (Free)
  • Download: Smart Ruler (Free)
  • Download: Sound Meter (Free)
  • Download: Laser Level (Free)
  • Download: Metal Detector (Free)
  • Download: Flashlight (Free)
  • Download: CalcKit (Free)
  • Download: Smart Tools (Free, premium version available)
10 Oct 2018

Can I use my camera as a ruler? ›

Google's augmented reality app “Measure” turns ARCore-compatible Android smartphones into digital measuring tapes, as reported by Ars Technica. Using the app appears to be rather simple. Simply launch Measure, point the phone's camera to an object, then pick two points to measure the distance in between.

Does Google have a ruler app? ›

Open Google Play store on your smartphone, tablet or computer and search for "ruler app" or click here for direct link.

Can a measurement be 100% accurate? ›

No measurement is 100% accurate, there is always a measurement uncertainty. The maximum measurement errors are laid down in a number of standards.

What is the most popular type of measuring? ›

The most common and primarily used measuring tool of all time is the ruler, given that it is used to measure length and draw straight lines.

Is the measure App on iPhone free? ›

You can measure objects on an iPhone using Apple's Measure app. The app is free and works with specific versions of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Is the Moasure app free? ›

As of March 14 2022, the Moasure PLUS monthly subscription no longer exists – and Moasure measurements can be exported directly in PDF, DXF (AutoCAD compatible), CSV and other formats – for free.

How accurate is the tape measure app? ›

How accurate is it? In our early tests, pretty damn accurate, for the most part. I wouldn't use it to build the HyperLoop, but for basic household chores, it looks like it's reliable within a half-inch. But it's a bit finicky about your distance from the thing you're measuring.

Can I measure with my phone? ›

Download Google Measure from the Google Play store, then launch the app and give it permission to use your camera and phone storage. Google Measure works with any ARCore compatible Android devices, such as Pixel smartphones, Nokia 6+ smartphones, and most LG and Samsung smartphones running Android 8.0 and higher.

Is there an app that takes your measurements? ›

Bodygram is the most accurate technology to obtain your body measurements using your smartphone.

What is the best tape measure app? ›

If we missed any of the Best Measuring Apps for Android and iOS, tell us about them!
  • Ruler® (iPhone, iPad) ...
  • Tape Measure™ (iPhone, iPad) ...
  • Ruler AR. (iPhone, iPad) ...
  • EasyMeasure. (Android, iPhone, iPad) ...
  • AirMeasure - AR Tape & Ruler. (Android, iPhone, iPad) ...
  • Kids Measurement Science. (Android)

What is more accurate than a tape measure? ›

The laser measure is accurate to within 1/8" and measures to 50 feet. It makes this measuring tool more accurate, easier and faster than a tape measure.

Does the measure app work? ›

This time, the augmented reality app "Measure" is being put out to pasture. As first spotted by Android Police, the Android app is no longer available via a Play Store search, and a direct link to the listing shows a new message in the description: "This app is no longer supported and will not be updated.

What is the best measure for data? ›

The mean is the most frequently used measure of central tendency because it uses all values in the data set to give you an average. For data from skewed distributions, the median is better than the mean because it isn't influenced by extremely large values.

What is the best free measuring app for Android? ›

Best Measuring Apps for Android
  • GPS Fields Area Measure.
  • Ruler.
  • ImageMeter – Photo Measure.
  • Smart Measure.
  • AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera To Plan.
  • Qardio Heart Health (Blood Pressure Measuring App)
  • Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter (An App for Measuring Walking Distance/Displacement)

Can iPhone measure items? ›

Use the Measure app and your iPhone camera to measure nearby objects. iPhone automatically detects the dimensions of rectangular objects, or you can manually set the start and end points of a measurement. For best results, use Measure on well-defined objects located 0.5 to 3 meters (2 to 10 feet) from iPhone.

Is there a free app to track body measurements? ›

Fitstream is an online journal that can be used to track your health and fitness. Transform your body by recording your measurements, progress pics and notes using our free app to build your personal timeline.

Is there an app that can take measurements from a picture? ›

Photo Measures is the perfect app to help you save and share measures and dimensions on your own photos. Moving to a new place? Take some photos and note down the dimensions on the photos to remember the exact layout, and to make sure that everything will fit easily.


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