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There are lots of fantastic EMF protection products on the market, but one that has been understandably increasing in popularity over the last few years, are EMF protection blankets, that block radiation and protect the body.

I think these are really smart products, that make a lot of sense and can really work for certain people and situations, so I wanted to develop a buyers guide. First of all, there are quite a few products out there, but it’s hard to know what to look for, or to understand how well a product will work.

When you’re considering buying a product like an EMF protection blanket, the quality of the protection is really important, so first let’s talk about what to look for, and how to understand if a product is actually reducing or blocking radiation.

How To Know If An EMF Protection Blanket Is Really Shielding EMF Radiation

When you’re looking for products that block, shield or reduce radiation, it’s important to get the absolutes out of your mindset. Rarely do materials that aren’t pure metal, block 100% of EMF radiation. So instead, think in terms of the level at which these materials, like a blanket, reduce the radiation. This is described with the term attenuation.

In physics, attenuation is a material’s ability to cause a gradual reduction in force as energy passes through it. For example, the tinted windows on your vehicle attenuate sunlight, the walls of your office attenuate sound, and the lead vest you wore at your last dental appointment attenuated the x-rays. Metals likemylar,copper,and aluminum, attenuate EMF radiation by absorbing or scattering the photons as they pass through.

So usually when your shopping around for products that reduce radiation, like an anti-radiation blanket, you’ll often see metals (usually silver) weaved into the fabric to block this radiation.

When you’re looking at the packaging or description of a product, you’ll see this attenuation displayed with the measurement decibels (dB). Take a look at the chart below and you’ll better understand how this measurement displays a materials ability to reduce radiation.

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One of the products I’ll talk about below, for example, lists that it has an attenuation rating of 38 decibels, which you can see from the chart would be approximately 99.98% effective.

There are plenty of good reasons to use EMF Blocking Blankets, but probably the most common are women who are pregnant, or for babies or young children. I just ordered a blanket for my little girl after doing the research for this guide, you can find the one I chose down below.

So now let’s look at a few of the best EMF protection blankets out there and talk about each little bit, then we’ll talk a little bit about a few of the things to watch out for.

9 Best EMF Protection Blankets of 2023

There are now a plethora of EMF protection blankets on the market offering all kinds of different materials, blocking fabrics, sizes, colors, etc. I’ve tested nearly a dozen of these myself, use many of them on a regular basis, and can tell you that there is a big difference between the high-quality blankets and low-quality blankets.

This list is the result of my own testing, experience, use, and opinions.

Here are all the blankets I’ll be talking about in a helpful table:

RankingProductReason It Made the List
1.Defendershield EMF Protection BlanketBest Overall
2.Mission Darkness EMF Protection ThrowBest EMF Blocking Throw
Most Comforatable
3.SYB Cotton Flannel Anti-Radiation Baby BlanketBest Flannel Blanket
4.SafeSleeve EMF Protection BlanketQuality Construction
5.Belly Armor EMF Blocking BlanketQuality Construction
Very Soft
6.Vest Radiation Protection Baby BlanketBest Budget EMF Blanket
7.Radia Smart Large 5G Anti-Radiation BlanketLarge Blanket

1. Defendershield EMF Protection Blankets

Purchase from Defendershield here.

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Ok, I have to start with the Defendershield line of EMF protection blankets because frankly, they are just the absolute best on the market for just about any need. Whether you want a blanket for your baby, you’re a pregnant mother looking to protect herself, or you just want a queen size blanket to protect you and your loved ones in your own beds, Defendershield has a blanket for you.

Not only do they have a full line of blankets to fit every need, as you’ll see in this section, but they also make the highest quality blankets that feel amazing on the skin, and that truly protect against EMF radiation (I’ve tested them myself).

Ok, let’s talk about their blankets generally first, and then I’ll get into some of the details and uses for the various sizes.

Why I Like The Defendershield EMF Protection Blanket

I have all the sizes of this blanket, I’ve tested them personally, I’ve used them personally, my wife and kid have all experienced them, and I can say that these are the absolute best EMF Radiation protection blankets on the market.

One of the things that I really like about this emf blanket is that, unlike most of the blankets on this list that are made out of cotton fabric, this one is made out 100% organic bamboo fibers. This gives the Defendershield blanket a really soft feel and makes the blankets naturally anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking.

On top of that, it has multiple layers of advanced shielding fabric (silver fibers) that blocks up to 99% of wireless EMF and 5G radiation. This means that you’ll be protected from things like Wi-Fi, mobile devices, laptops, and any other source of EMF exposure.

These blankets are ideal for newborns, pregnant women, or anyone else that wants to ground ambient EMF emissions and protect their bodies from wireless radiation.

Alright, now that we’ve talked about what I love about the Defendershield blankets, let’s cover a few of the negatives, then we’ll discuss the various sizes and what they are useful for.

What I Don’t Like

There are really only a couple of things that I think would make this an absolutely perfect product, and there really isn’t much that can be done about one of them: price, and color options.


The Defendershield blankets are fairly expensive, there is no getting around that. At the time of writing the smallest blanket, intended for babies and pregnant women, is $129.99, and the largest size, the Queen size blanket, is $499.99 USD.

Now, those seem like really high prices, and compared to a typical blanket, they certainly are. However, considering how much silver thread has to be used so that these blankets have effective shielding, I think their margins are probably not as high as you would think. Everyone has to make choices about the EMF protection products or methods they want to utilize, but for me, the peace of mind these blankets have brought my family has certainly been worth the cost.

Color Options

This is a small thing, but I really wish that their blankets came in more options than gray. I do appreciate the simplicity of the color and find it less offensive than some of the other EMF blankets on the market, however, considering blankets are a large item that is easily seen, having some more aesthetic options would be really nice.

Defendershield EMF Protection Blanket Sizes

9 Best EMF Protection Blankets - Complete Guide [2023] - EMF Academy (3)

Ok, I want to quickly talk about the different sizes of this blanket so you know what will work best for you. Defendershield currently offers their blanket in three sizes:

  • Small – 36″ – 35″
  • Full – 75″ – 53″
  • Queen – 80″ – 60″

The difference between the blankets is not only the size though. As you can see from the picture below, the small blanket also features a hood, which will help protect a baby’s head when wrapped in the blanket.

9 Best EMF Protection Blankets - Complete Guide [2023] - EMF Academy (4)

I think this hood is a fantastic feature that helps this blanket stand out from all the other EMF protection blankets on the market. However, this is not just a baby blanket, it’s also the perfect size to protect pregnancies as it can be placed over the belly or on the lap while you’re using electronics and it will act as a shield between the device and baby.

The Full and Queen size blankets do not feature the hood and are intended to be used on your bed to provide EMF shielding to you and your partner or kids while you’re sleeping.

Final Thoughts on the Defendershield Anti-Radiation Blankets

I’ve tried nearly a dozen different EMF blocking and anti-radiation blankets, and I can say with confidence that these from Defendershield are the best, and in my opinion, absolutely worth the money. I’ve tested them myself and found them to work extremely well. They are also very comfortable and offer all the sizing options you might want.

2. Mission Darkness TitanRF Radiation Shielding Throw Blanket

9 Best EMF Protection Blankets - Complete Guide [2023] - EMF Academy (5)

Check the current price on Amazon.
This new blanket from Mission Darkness is without a doubt my second favorite EMF protection blanket on the market currently, and I have lots to say about it.

I ordered one of these for myself to try it out, and it’s quickly become one of the most used blankets in our home.

This is mostly because it just feels like a traditional sherpa throw that you’d find in a living room, you’d hardly know that it offers best-in-class EMF protection including blocking 5G.

Lets’ first talk about the shielding capabilities of this blanket.


This EMF protection blanket from Mission Darkness offers perhaps the best blocking capabilities of any on the market. With an average attenuation of 80-120dB that puts it over 99% blocking capabilities which means that it will protect from things like:

  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • 5G networks
  • GPS
  • Cell Signals
  • etc.

It accomplishes this using Mission Darkness’s proprietary TitanRF faraday fabric layered inside the blanket.

Take a look at the image below to get a better idea of how the blanket was tested and how well it performed.

9 Best EMF Protection Blankets - Complete Guide [2023] - EMF Academy (6)

Other Things I Love

Now let’s talk about some of the other things I love about this blanket from Mission Darkness.


I love that this blanket is so soft and fozy, the outer gray layer is a really soft fleece, and the inner layer is a warm sherpa fabric, much like traditional sherpa throws that you might have encountered.

I also love the size of the blanket, which is quite large and perfect for:

  • Bed sheet or cover
  • Couch blanket
  • Lining a baby’s crib
  • Covering your body during travel
  • A lap blanket to protect from your laptop, cell phone, or tablet
  • Radiation shield for protecting pregnant mothers or children
  • etc.
9 Best EMF Protection Blankets - Complete Guide [2023] - EMF Academy (7)

I also love that they include a “cut me open” sample of their fabric layers so you can explore how the blanket is made and test out the materials for yourself. I think that this is such an integrity thing to do, to encourage you to explore how the blanket is made and see the materials being used inside for yourself without having to ruin the product.

Overall, this is just a fantastic product and unlike most of the EMF protection blankets on the market. It’s beautiful, comfortable, and works exactly as it’s intended to.

I own and use this one as well as my Defendershield blanket and would happily recommend it to just about anyone.

If you want to see the blanket in action and learn more, check out this video below. If you want to purchase one for yourself, you can check the current price on Amazon here.

3. SYB Cotton Flannel Anti-Radiation EMF Protection Baby Blanket

9 Best EMF Protection Blankets - Complete Guide [2023] - EMF Academy (8)

Purchase this blanket here.

Ok, so I actually just bought this blanket for my daughter, because I absolutely love it. First of all, unlike a lot of anti-radiation products, it’s actually really cute. This blanket, unlike Defendershield’s, actually comes in 5 color options, so you can pick something that su

But more than that, it’s actually been thoroughly tested, like many of SYB’s products at an accredited lab, and has a fantastic attenuation rate of 38 dB. If you remember from up above, this is almost 99.99% effectiveness.

The shielding material is made with SaferBody Silver 18 and was laboratory tested for 5G up to 26 GHz, making this perhaps the best 5G emf protection blanket on the market.

Anti Radiation baby blankets are such a great idea because children are so vulnerable to EMF radiation. I won’t go into detail about why this is the case because I wrote an entire article on protecting children from EMF radiation, however they simply have different body compositions than us and cells that are developing rapidly.

Whether it’s a baby monitor, a tablet you use as a sound machine, or your cell phone while you’re holding them, having a layer of protection can do wonders for protecting your baby.

The cool thing about this baby blanket, and another reason I purchased it, is that it has two outer layers that are hypo-allergenic flannel made with non-toxic dyes and a middle layer that is spun with silver that makes up the attenuating layer to actually provide the protection. This blanket in particular is actually made of 18% silver, which is pretty wild.

I also like the size of this blanket at 40″ by 32″, it can be used not just as a baby blanket, but to protect a pregnancy, or even just used as a laptop shield if you’re trying to get some work done on the couch.

Overall, this is a fantastic EMF protection blanket and a great option for just about anyone.

4. SafeSleeve RF Blocking Blanket

9 Best EMF Protection Blankets - Complete Guide [2023] - EMF Academy (9)

Purchase from SafeSleeve here.
This is one of the newest EMF protection blankets on the market, but one that I am so excited about because it’s made by SafeSleeve, which makes some of the best EMF products on the market.

I think SafeSleeve did a ton of things right with this product, and it offers everything you would want in a blanket.

First of all, the blanket blocks over 99% of RF radiation, including 5G, Wi-Fi, cellular, and anything else.

Next, the outer material is made of OEKO-TEX which ensures that there are no harmful substances coming in contact with the skin.

This EMF protection blanket from SafeSleeve is really warm, it’s soft, and it offers the baby hood that the Defendershield blanket offers. It’s not the largest EMF protection baby blanket on the market, but it’s also certainly not the smallest, coming in at 34″-30″ with a weight of 18 oz.

If you want to learn more about the SafeSleeve blanket check out the video below which shows it in action.

5. Belly Armor Anti Radiation Belly Blanket

9 Best EMF Protection Blankets - Complete Guide [2023] - EMF Academy (10)

Check the current price here.

Belly Armor is, in the small world of anti-radiation products, a great brand. They have been around for quite a while and make some fantastic products that are very well-reviewed. This blanket (see the listing here) has amazing reviews and would make an amazing gift for a soon-to-be mom.

It’s intended to protect the belly of a pregnant mom from the constant bombardment of EMF radiation all around us, but if you take a look through the reviews you’ll see that people use it for all kinds of things.

Many of the parents have ended up buying several, as the first one, they continue to use as a baby blanket, or to protect their children while they are on their phones or iPads.

They don’t list the decibel rating but say that the blanket blocks 99.9% of radiation which means the rating can’t be less than 30 dB which is really good.

This blanket is made of two layers, the first layer being organic cotton and the second made of RadiaShield, which is a silver-lined textile that actually forms the blocking material but is still breathable and machine washable.

Overall the organic cotton makes this a very soft blanket, and the radiation protection it offers is fantastic. Belly armor is a brand that I trust and have known for a long time, they continue to innovate and make fantastic products.

You can easily test the effectiveness of belly armor blankets by setting your EMF meter to the radio frequencies setting, placing something like a phone inside the blanket, and testing the radiation through to see how much is being blocked.

If you don’t already have an EMF meter, be sure to check out my article to decide which is best for you.

6. Vest Radiation Protection Baby Blanket (Best Budget Blanket)

9 Best EMF Protection Blankets - Complete Guide [2023] - EMF Academy (11)

Check the current price on Amazon.
I wanted to include this EMF protection blanket on this list because if you’re looking for an inexpensive blanket, this is the best I’ve found for the price.

At least at the time, I’m writing this, this blanket is about a third of the price of most of the other baby blankets on the market, which considering it is still utilizing silver fiber to achieve radiation exposure protection, is pretty incredible.

The blanket is a similar size to most of the other baby blankets on this list at 35″ – 27.5″ and still offers a really soft cotton outer layer on both sides.

They claim that it has been tested in FCC-certified laboratories and proven to reduce radiation exposure by up to 99%.

It appears that you can get the product in a light blue (my favorite), a light pink, and a light green.

I’m not sure how they are able to offer a similar product to others on this list at this price, but I had to include it if you’re looking for a good budget blanket to test out and try for yourself, or if you just find that other blankets on this list are unafordable.

7. Radia Smart Large 5G Anti-Radiation EMF Blanket

9 Best EMF Protection Blankets - Complete Guide [2023] - EMF Academy (12)

Check the current price here.

The last blanket I wanted to include on the list still absolutely deserves to be here, and that is a blanket from Radia Smart.

Right off the bat, one of the things I like about this blanket is the size, which is a bit larger than most other baby blankets at 43″ – 35″. I personally think this is a bit nicer size and offers a bit more body protection when used on the lap or on the bed.

I like the design and color of the blanket, with the outer material having a bit of a “waffle” kind of feel.

It offers what most of the other blankets on this list offer, which is up to 99% radiation protection with soft cotton outer layers.

Related Questions

Now that we’ve covered what the absolute best EMF protection and anti-radiation blankets are, let’s answer a few other questions you might have.

Do Weighted Blankets Block EMF?

The question of whether your weighted blanket will block EMF radiation is entirely dependent on the materials used in the blanket. However, it is important to not that weighted blankets are not intended to block EMF radiation, and therefore will not do as good of a job (or possibly do nothing at all) at blocking radiation.

The outer material of weighted blankets is typically a cotton, bamboo, linen, flannel, or rayon material, all of which will essentially do nothing to block or attenuate radiation.

The inner material might block some radiation, depending on the material used. Common fillers for weighted blankets include:

  • microfiber beads
  • sand
  • steel beads
  • pebbles
  • grains
  • etc.

So, for example, microfiber beads will do much less at attenuating or blocking EMF radiation as compared to steel beads.

The only way to determine how much your weighted blanket might be doing to block EMF radiation is to get a quality EMF meter (that has a radio frequency setting) and test the blocking capabilities for yourself.

If you’re wanting to get a blanket to protect your body from EMFs, then get one of the blankets mentioned on this list instead of a weighted blanket. Or, if you’re wanting the calming effect of a weighted blanket, and the protection of an anti-radiation blanket, simply layer one on top of the other.

Are Radiation Blankets Safe?

Anti-radiation, or EMF protection blankets, are absolutely safe to use. In fact, they will actually protect the body from the potentially harmful radiation emitted by your devices such as cell phones, laptops, WiFi, tablets etc.

Simply place the blanket over your lap while you’re using your electronics and it will block the radiation from reaching your body.

These blankets can be especially beneficial for pregnant mothers or anyone that uses electronics frequently and is looking to add some protection.

Be sure though that you aren’t using your electronics under the blanket, as it is possible that this will trap some of the electromagnetic radiation inside and increase your exposure.

Final Thoughts

EMF Protection blankets are a fantastic product and a great option for anyone looking to reduce their EMF radiation exposure. I know that I’ve covered a lot in this article, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via my Contact Page.


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