'Battlefield 4' Review (PS3): The Walls of Jericho (2023)

I'm told that when certain big gaming outlets were reviewing Battlefield 4, they were at an EA event using high-end gaming PCs and being thrown into epic 64-player matches.

So suffices to say, I feel like I'm going to have a slightly different experience playing by myself in my house on my PS3 where I'm lucky if 24 people stick around for a full game.

This isn't to say there's something wrong with those other reviews, nor am I chastising anyone for attending an event like that, I just want to make it clear up front that our experiences are going to be disparate given the context. What is apparent from all this is that Battlefield has now more or less outgrown consoles altogether, at least until the next-generation of systems can give the series the power it needs to thrive. And that day is fast approaching.

While I've enjoyed my experience with Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 3, it never feels like the game's potential is being fully realized. The graphics are good, but not jaw-dropping like I've seen elsewhere. 24 player matches have their epic moments, but I have to wonder what 64 players would feel like. It's an abridged experience, and you feel like you're missing out on the full package. Current-gen consoles are not the proper platform for this game, though that isn't to say you can't have some amount of fun with it all the same.

The campaign is quite enjoyable, despite BF3 having perhaps the most forgettable, linear single player mode in modern shooter history. It's short, only four to five hours at the very most, but we've all come to expect that now from these multiplayer focused games, and BF4's campaign serves as an adequate warm up for multiplayer.

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China is in a state of civil war, and you play as a faceless, voiceless marine named Recker who might as well not even exist given how invisible he is in the story. Rather, the protagonist is really his squadmate Irish, voiced by the fantastic Michael K. Williams of Boardwalk Empire and The Wire fame.

Unfortunately, the game suffers from insufferably bad dialogue, a common plague in the genre. Despite Williams' talent, most of Irish's lines are about how he doesn't trust a Chinese double agent, and the others are a string of increasingly creative curse words. Irish constant tries to "do the right thing" in any given situation, which always means defying orders, and it's a conflict that gets old rather quickly when presented at least once a mission. The level concepts seem pretty stale as well from prison breaks to gunboat battles, and you've seen every scene before in other games.

And yet, it's really quite fun. Though the level design is familiar, the organization of each map and the firefights they contain are exhilarating and enjoyable. The game's best moments include fighting aboard a sinking aircraft carrier, blowing up a Chinese dam with C4, and escaping from a prison camp starting with nothing but a shiv and working your way up to automatic weapons.

The game ends with a rather silly binary story choice in what's an otherwise linear tale, but despite its bad script and overused level ideas, the campaign really flows well from a gameplay perspective, and is a great transition into multiplayer. It doesn't overdose on the auto-aim or give you boatloads of life. Rather, it serves as somewhat effective training before you head into the game's primary mode.

A multiplayer FPS is only as good as its maps, and Battlefield 4's are generally all pretty great, even in their shrunken console form. They're not the tiny corridor mazes of Call of Duty, they're sprawling landscapes with room to breathe, and Battlefield has tried to push forward FPS level design with something they've decided to call "leveloution," a term that isn't half as clever as they think it is.

But despite the buzzword, the concept is interesting. Every map features a "major event" that can be activated by players, or simply happens as time goes on. A typhoon hits a city, a dam is burst and floods a town, a skyscraper's supports are taken out and it comes crashing to the ground. Each of these events change the map in major or minor ways, and from a visual perspective, each is always something to behold. At least the first few times.

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The question is whether or not it really adds anything to gameplay other than a fleeting "wow" moment. Even in limited playtime with these maps, it's already clear that some events make the game decidedly less fun. Flood Zone becomes more about swimming than shooting once the water rises, which isn't enjoyable for anyone, and the central tower's destruction in Siege of Shanghai is such a bad turn for the map, I've watched squadmates C4 an allied tank to prevent them from toppling it. Other events have relatively little impact on the game, and only a few really seem like they can make matches inherently "better." It's a cool concept, I'm just unsure about the execution.

I've had remarkably good success with connecting to and staying in matches during this early release window. It's easy to find games and I'm never booted out. Far too often it's nearly impossible to play games like this at launch without a myriad of technical issues, but I've experienced nearly none so far, and there's barely even any lag that results in those infamous "I totally shot that guy" moments found in other games. When I've died, I recognize it's because I suck, not because I fired at someone point blank but in reality lag was making me shoot three feet to his left. It's a rare treat in the genre, but perhaps it's because most people are off playing on PC instead and the PS3 servers can take it easy.

I'm glad to see that classes finally have some more diversity, as the weapon types allowed for each are less restrictive than they used to be. Rather, classes are defined almost entirely by their gadgets, leaving primary and secondary slots open to a fairly wide range of guns. It takes a long while to level up (I'm only level seven at this point), but the promised perks in the future open up new avenues for teamwork like a Support upgrade that lets friendly vehicles heal allied units. Engineers, my favorite class, have upgrades that let them carry a lot more explosives, meaning you won't fire a rocket once at a vehicle and feel like you're no longer useful.

Vehicles remain Battlefield's signature item in the FPS genre, and thankfully there's a new "test" mode where players can head to an empty map and learn how to fly a jet or a helicopter instead of immediately crashing one during a live game. Whether people actually take advantage of this is another question altogether, and I've seen my share of downed helicopters already. It's too early to tell if Battlefield 3's problems of overpowered vehicle pros will crop up here, as previously as soon as someone unlocked a certain tier of upgrades for their tank/plane/heli it was nearly impossible to compete with them. Everyone is starting at the ground floor at launch, so it's going to take a little while to see how that system unfolds.

While I love Battlefield's ability to change weapon loadouts, gear and attachments on the fly during matches, I continue to wish that it was possible to do it outside of matches as well. Unless you have gear swapping down to a science, you can often feel like you're wasting valuable game time toying around with your equipment, and I wish there was at least an option to attach a newly unlocked accessory to my gun before a match, rather than doing so when it starts and missing out on a ride in a tank or helicopter.

Similarly, even with smaller console maps, Battlefield can feel too vast for its own good at times. If you miss out on a vehicle, you can trek for extended periods of time without seeing enemies (or even teammates for that matter). It can be frustrating to haul yourself across the map to an objective, be killed by an unseen foe (damn snipers!), and reset all the way back where you came from. In 64 player battles, you would have at least had a few memorable encounters along the way, and this is where the console and PC versions diverge. I do appreciate Battlefield's "spawn on squad" system here though which alleviates some of this dead time, unless your squad is all KIA just like you of course.

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While the maps are great and the game's variety of modes are fun, they don't always mix together well. Obliteration is a great new addition where players fight over a central bomb to explode enemy targets, but on heavily water based levels it can be a nightmare when the bomb goes for a swim. The same can be said for large maps hosting smaller scale modes where the "wandering" problem is amplified. DICE should sift through their maps and modes, realize that not all of them match well together, and change playlists accordingly.

Battlefield 4 has the potential to be a great game, but on current consoles, it's merely a good one. I highly suggest getting it for PC rather than PS3 or 360, though most that can run Battlefield 4 smoothly on their PCs are probably already doing so. But if you do want to experience the game on consoles, let Battlefield 4 be a fantastic launch title for your new PS4 or Xbox One, where maps will be massive and epic 64-player battles will be possible with the new hardware. That's how this game is meant to be played, and the current console version is a hamstrung version of the full title.

Note: I still have yet to reach the proper level to experiment with the revived Commander Mode, but I'll have further thoughts on that later.

Battlefield 4

Platform:PC,Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4

Developer: DICE

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Publisher: EA

Released: October 29th, 2013

Price: $59.99

Score: 8/10


How do you give the helicopter targets in Battlefield 4? ›

All you do is hold the aim or fire button (can't remember which) to bring the PLD to your eyes, then it's cross hairs to your target, which can be any enemy vehicle that has an enemy in it. You must keep the lock on it for the person firing the missile, say the heli pilot, to get a hit on the target.

Was Battlefield 4 a success? ›

Battlefield 4 was met with positive reception for its multiplayer mode, gameplay and graphics, but was criticized for its single-player campaign and for numerous bugs and glitches in the multiplayer. It was a commercial success, selling over seven million copies.

How many levels are there in battlefield 4? ›

Battlefield 4 features 120 Ranks. All players start out at Rank 0 (Recruit) and will advance in rank by earning experience points (XP) in the online Multiplayer. Rank is strictly a number that shows your dedication to the game, and each Rank has five sub-ranks denoted by Roman numerals and stars.

How do I unlock defibrillator in Battlefield 4? ›

The Combat Defibrillator is a gadget featured in Battlefield Play4Free for the Medic kit. It can be obtained spending at least one point in the Tier 2 training option Defibrillator.

Is Battlefield 4 a long game? ›

Reddit user BoomerFTW has already gotten hold of his copy of Battlefield 4 and has completed the singleplayer campaign in just 4-hours on the normal difficulty.

Does anybody play Battlefield 4 anymore? ›

EA DICE Despite being over 8 years old, Battlefield 4 still has a healthy player base.

Is Battlefield 4 still active 2022? ›

Oh it's active. You don't have to worry about there not being enough players, that won't be an issue for a while.

What is the best weapon in Battlefield 4? ›

Nevertheless, the ACW-R functions best in close quarters, it's high damage and tendency to spray will mow down groups of enemies in no time. *The carbine is definitely one of the best Battlefield 4 weapons in 2021.

How many hours does it take to finish Battlefield 4? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Battlefield 4 is about 6 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 15½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What happens if you give Irish the C4? ›

Giving Hannah or Irish the C4 results in the destruction of the ship along with the death of Chang and the teammate who planted the C4.

How do you unlock all weapons in Battlefield 4? ›

Almost all Weapons in Battlefield 4's Multiplayer are unlocked after using the same weapons class. For example, if you want to unlock a Shotgun, you must use Shotguns to earn Shotgun score. There are a few exceptions where you must earn a set Class/Kit Score or complete an Assignment.

Can you play as a girl in Battlefield 4? ›

Female soldiers will not be playable in Battlefield 4's single or multiplayer modes, DICE has confirmed, despite rumours to the contrary.

Which Battlefield has the best campaign? ›

Battlefield Bad Company 2 features the best campaign of the franchise to date, with funny writing, unique mission scenarios, and a cast of characters who are actually a laugh to be around.

Why don t fighter jets shoot backwards? ›

At high speeds, the rear-facing gun would have to overcome the forward velocity of the aircraft, decreasing its effectiveness. One could imagine something like a CIWS being helpful, but the weight and size would not justify the benefit for being included on a fighter, or even a bomber.

Can F-35 drop nukes? ›

The F-35A is the first fifth-generation fighter to near certification as a nuclear-capable platform after completing the first full weapon system demonstration and completing the nuclear design certification process.

Is there a Megalodon in Battlefield 4? ›

Jackfrags has video evidence on the extinct breed of shark taken from the map Parcel Storm. Apparently you need to gather 10 players around the buoy for the majestic creature to appear. MEGALODON FOUND!

How do you get the Megalodon in Battlefield 4? ›

Load Battlefield 4's Naval Strike DLC, specifically the map Nansha Strike. Head out to the water's lonely buoy with 9 other suicidal players, just outside of C. Once all 10 players have gathered the shark will break the surface, landing atop of anyone brave enough to swim it's waters.

How do you unlock the drones in Battlefield 4? ›

Unlocking the drone requires a ribbon awarded when the player gets a kill with a bomber on one of the game's maps; Hryb jumps in a fighter at the start of the battle to make it to the bomber control point before anyone else. From there, it's a simple task to find enemies in the desert dunes and make it rain death.

Which game has the longest campaign? ›

1. Persona 5 (97.5 Hours)

What is the longest Battlefield game? ›

How Long To Beat Battlefield Multiplayer Modes
  • Battlefield: 1942 (26 Hours)
  • Battlefield: Vietnam (18.5 Hours)
  • Battlefield 2 (98.5 Hours)
  • Battlefield 2142 (80 Hours)
  • Battlefield: Bad Company (56 Hours)
  • Battlefield 1943 (22.5 Hours)
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (46.5 Hours)
  • Battlefield 3 (65.5 Hours)
Aug 11, 2021

How to be good at Battlefield 4? ›

We spoke to Jonno Stanton, host of Battlefield Bootcamp, to find out the Top 10 tips for playing Battlefield 4 multiplayer.
  1. Give the multiplayer test range a try. ...
  2. Start out in Rush mode. ...
  3. Then move up into Obliteration mode. ...
  4. Destructibility is back, and in a big way. ...
  5. Levolution! ...
  6. Commander Mode. ...
  7. Don't forget single player mode.

Which is better Battlefield 4 or 5? ›

Multiplayer maps of BF V are better than BF 4. But if you are talking about the Campaign then BF 4 is much much better than BF V. Battlefield V is not a actual war game it's more stealth shooter. Its storyline is weak and won't give you the chills normally which you get while playing COD and BF 3 or BF 4.

Which Battlefield should I buy in 2022? ›

If you haven't played either, you should absolutely buy Battlefield 4. It's probably the best game in the series especially with the DLC content it has. Servers are also quite active so you'll easily find people to play with. The best place to buy it would be on the PC and You can buy it on Steam too!

How many players are playing Battlefield 4? ›

Battlefield 4
MonthAvg. PlayersGain
Last 30 Days1,986.6+112.9
December 20221,873.8+544.5
November 20221,329.2+63.0
October 20221,266.2-161.1
28 more rows

Will there be a new Battlefield game in 2023? ›

Season 4 will mark the end of our Year 1 and will launch in early 2023. It will bring you a new Specialist, all new Battle Pass, brand new hardware, and more. While the map that will arrive will be smaller, shorter, and linear designed for up close and personal, close-quarters combat that Battlefield is famous for.

Did EA quit Battlefield 2042? ›

EA refutes new report claiming Battlefield 2042 development now in 'abandon ship' mode. Insists "significant team" still working on game. EA has responded to new claims Battlefield 2042 has entered 'abandon ship' mode, insisting reports that only a skeleton crew is left working on the beleaguered shooter are "untrue".

What is the most accurate gun in Battlefield 4? ›

ACE 23. This is undoubtedly the most popular rifle by far. Its low recoil, spray and ease of handling, while also being quite accurate even in long distances (930m maximum distance) has made it a controversial weapon.

What is the best assault rifle in Battlefield? ›

If you do like burst fire weapons, then you are going to love the AC-42. This is by far the best long-range assault rifle in the game right now. Even if you are not a fan of burst weapons, you should try the AC-42 because you can potentially take down an enemy with an AC-42 in a single burst.

Who is the best player in Battlefield 4? ›

1ZorrolefouTop 1% 2,142,680,490
2Kiba_TachibanaTop 1% 1,650,643,058
3stawaza7Top 1% 1,539,585,873
4DextersHuntTop 1% 1,532,539,433
95 more rows

What is the longest headshot in Battlefield 4? ›

Gamer undertaker080119, set the record for the longest headshot in Battlefield 4 (EA Digital Illusions CE, 2013) with a distance of 5,231.7 m recorded by bf4stats.com on 6 March 2014.

How big is the biggest Battlefield 4 map? ›

Conversation. Breakaway is the "biggest map" in #Battlefield 2042. ➡️It covers 5,9 square kilometres!

What's the biggest map in Battlefield 4? ›

Re: Which map in BF4 is the largest? Golmud is large, but you won't get that many targets on that range.

Can you save Irish in Battlefield 4? ›

You can choose to sacrifice Hannah, Irish or you can let the warship sink the Valkyrie. No matter what choice you make it's the end of the game. In order to choose Hannah or Irish simply hand them the C4.

How old is Irish in Battlefield 4? ›

Battlefield on Twitter: "http://t.co/MMRuNsTOk0 Name: Kimble Graves Nickname: “Irish” Age: 32 Rank: Staff Sergeant Callsign: Tombstone 3 #BF4" / Twitter.

What is the best ending for Battlefield 4? ›

The best ending is when you fully rank up all 4 classes.

Why can't I unlock the M249 in Battlefield 4? ›

Re: Can't unlock M249 in bf4

Give the C4 to Irish and detonate the explosives when the light turns green to complete this assignment.

Is Battlefield 4 kid friendly? ›

Parents need to know Battlefield 4 is a "Mature"-rated military simulation filled with extreme, realistic violence.

Is Battlefield ok for a 12 year old? ›

It gives you heroes of war and self-sacrificing saviors' stories, giving good role models at a (10/10). Good for a kid who can understand the implications of war. Age rating varies by maturity level, but I'd say it's good for ages 10+.

Is Battlefield 4 ok for a 12 year old? ›

There is one swear word but if your child knows not to say them it is fine. It also teaches them about the sacrifice and pain the military goes through to protect us. This game has very good messages. I would recommend this game to any 13-year old that knows right from wrong and that know not to repeat any language.

What was the most successful Battlefield game? ›

Since the title's first release, Battlefield 1942, back in 2002, EA's FPS franchise has produced more than 10 main games with plenty of expansion packs.
9/15 Battlefield 1943 (84)
Release DateJuly 9, 2009
DeveloperDICE Stockholm
Platforms (& Their Metacritic Scores)PlayStation 3 (84) Xbox 360 (83)
Apr 1, 2022

Is Call of Duty or Battlefield better? ›

And so, it comes down to a matter of opinion over which type of war you like fighting. Because if it's mostly stealth you're after—then it's Call of Duty for you. But if it's balls to the wall bullet mayhem that you're itching for—then it's Battlefield, all highway.

How do you mark targets in Battlefield 4? ›

Use the spot button while looking at an enemy soldier or vehicle to tag them for your team. If a soldier is tagged, they will have a red upside-down triangle over their head.

How do you engage targets in Battlefield 4 PS4? ›

R2 is the weapon trigger on PS4.

How do you engage targets in Battlefield 4 PS3? ›

Re: engaging enemies on BF4 campaign mode on PS3

After you use R2 to locate the enemy release then aim towards them and click R2(not hold) this will have your support, whether squad, chopper, etc engage the enemy you selected.

What do Battlefield 4 shortcut kits do? ›

Whether you're new to Battlefield 4 or just want to make up for lost time, Shortcut Kits help you go toe-to-toe with Battlefield veterans by instantly unlocking powerful gear or bonuses that would otherwise be obtained through play.

How do you unlock the target detector in Battlefield 4? ›

The Target Detector is a weapon accessory featured in Battlefield 4: Final Stand, unlocked with the completion of the Eye Spy Assignment.

How do you fly in VTOL battlefield? ›

When spawning in a jet, look to the right side of the screen to see whether the control for activating the alternate VTOL flight mode is listed. If you see it (Z on PC), then you're in the Panther and can switch to VTOL mode at the push of a button.

Is LCH a good helicopter? ›

“The LCH meets the requirements of modern warfare and necessary quality parameters under varied conditions of operations. This versatile helicopter perfectly meets the needs of our armed forces in various terrains and as such LCH is an ideal platform for both our Army and Air Force,” the Minister said.

How do you spot targets in battlefield? ›

To spot an enemy, one simply needs to switch to their binoculars, zoom in on the target and press the fire button (default LMB) to alert all allied players of the threat on their mini-maps and HUDs, be it a vehicle, a soldier, or an aircraft.

What button do you press to engage in Battlefield 4? ›

Gaming PlatformPCXbox
AimRight ClickLT
Pick Up ItemHold RHold Y
Engage / SpotQRB
22 more rows
Oct 29, 2013

How do you climb the ladder in Battlefield 4? ›

Once she says something, just sprint ( L3 ) and jump ( X ) towards the ladder.


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