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How does thermal imaging work?

The optical system collects the heat signatures from the objects and converts them into an image with thousands of pixels. The variations in the heat level are represented by various colors in the image. It is then shown in the display more accurately even in pitch darkness.
Therefore, the thermal devices are the apt one for deer hunting, or other activities.

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Factors to consider while buying the Best Thermal Goggles

Do you have an idea of buying thermal goggles for your hunting adventure? Here are a few important tips for you to remember while buying thermal goggles or binoculars. We have listed some critical factors such as magnification, detection range, resolution, color modes, and other advanced features. Just go through it before buying.


Resolution is the first and foremost important aspect you have to check for. Because it is responsible for the quality of image and video. Aperture size is a key factor for resolution. High-resolution images are produced only when the aperture size is higher. Thermal binoculars offer two types of resolution; 384×288 p and 640×480 pixels.

If you need a budget-friendly product, then you can choose 384×288 resolution binoculars. But it performs well only for short and mid-range hunting. The 640×480 resolution binoculars will be the apt ones for long-range hunting.

High-resolution sensors always provide incredible image quality even if you zoom in very close. You will get sharp and crisp images of your target. But the lower resolution goggles may lose image sharpness while zooming. So pick the one that suits your hunting needs.


Choosing the magnification range is completely based on the environment you go for hunting. For example, If you’ve chosen an area with large bushes and trees, then you need a lower magnification goggle.

If your hunting field is an open space, then a higher magnification thermal binocular will help you. Because long distant targets cannot be viewed clearly using your naked eye. But higher magnification goggles will track animals from the farthest distance and allows you to enlarge objects for a better view.

Higher magnification binoculars are also used by law enforcement officers to monitor objects from a huge distance. Higher magnification binoculars are extremely good in performance but they cost higher. So think twice before you spend on them.

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Thermal Sensor

Thermal Sensor is the key factor in all thermal products. Thermal binoculars are generally made of two types of sensors for thermal vision. They are Vanadium Oxide microbolometer (Vox) and Image Intensifier tubes.

You can’t do much in thermal sensors, just check the thermal resolution and operating temperature of the sensor.

Detection Range

Detection range is the distance that a binocular can track the object. It basically depends on the resolution of the thermal sensor. The thermal products are divided into three forms based on the detection range. They are short-range, long-range, and medium-range.

640×480 sensor resolution has the ability to detect targets up to 2,000 yards, while the 384×288 sensor resolution can detect from 500 yards to 1,500 yards. Higher the thermal sensor resolution, higher is the detection range.

Depending on the field usage, you can pick your thermal goggle. For example, if you need a thermal goggle for hunting or shooting, then a short/medium range thermal binocular is enough for you.

Law enforcement officers prefer long-range binoculars/goggles because they need to track targets from longer distances. It is also used for marine and surveillance activities.

Field of View

Field of view is a necessary feature that every thermal binoculars/goggle should have. This allows you to view the targets in wider areas so that you could be aware of other animals that are present in that surrounding area.

That’s why hunters choose thermal binoculars/goggles instead of other thermal optics.

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A good thermal goggle will always have a wide FOV. This provides a wide scannable area of the target. So most of the hunters prefer thermal binoculars for a larger field of view.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate means the number of times that a goggle refreshes the image in a second. So you can get sharp images of the target even while they are moving. Higher the refresh rate, higher is the image quality.

Usually, thermal optics come with three types of refresh rates; 30 Hz, 50 Hz, and 60 Hz. 50 and 60 Hz refresh rate optics are more expensive and clearer than the 30Hz refresh rate products. So decide your budget first and then choose your thermal binoculars.

Color modes

Color mode is an excellent feature suited for multiple tasks. The newly launched thermal products are developed with a variety of color modes/palettes that make your session easier. The commonly used modes are Sepia color mode for long-range hunting and violet color mode for wide-area detection.

You can perform versatile tasks only if your thermal optics is boasted with wide color modes.

Connectivity & Streaming

Everyone loves to stream their hunting experience live with friends and relatives. So nowadays the thermal binoculars/goggles are built-in with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. This feature is appreciated by the tech-savvy hunters who always prefer advanced technologies. You can also share your hunting videos on social media.

The one thing you have to check in this feature is, whether the thermal goggle is compatible with Android or iOS smartphones.

Image and Video Recording

Video recording is also an advanced feature in thermal optics or goggles. This feature captures all the memories of your hunting game in the field. Cheaper models will not provide recording facilities instead you’ll have to use a DVR to record the footage.

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If you want to capture the unforgettable moment of your hunting adventure, then go with the thermal goggles that provide HD quality images and video recording. Also, make sure whether it is provided with an SD card support, if not then you need a USB cable for file transfer.

Battery Life

No one likes a product that lies down before the task gets complete. So battery life is also a major factor that you need to consider. Different brands provide different hours of operation. So before buying, decide the usage of a thermal binocular in the field and how many hours of operation you may need.

If you go hunting for multiple days, then it is best to have thermal binoculars that have long battery life for at least 8 hours of operation.

Weather Resistance

The final factor to consider is weather resistance. As we use thermal goggles in the outdoors it has to bear different weather changes. So check whether your thermal binocular or goggles are provided with a waterproof or weatherproof rating.

Also, it should have a dust proof feature, because if any external element penetrates into your google then the device will be damaged and won’t function properly.

So pick the thermal goggles that can be used regardless of the season or any harsh climatic conditions.

Final Thoughts

As technology advances, our way of living has also changed accordingly. Everyone loves enjoying outdoor activities, like camping, hiking, mountaineering, and hunting. Hunting has been a legal hobby in many countries. So no one can stop your enjoyment in the wild.
But you should always be prepared with the required gear for your outdoor activity.

One such important gear for night hunting is thermal vision goggles or thermal binoculars. Earlier days, it was used only for military and tactical applications, but now it can be used by all people, even beginners.

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Some like to share their hunting experience with others. For those hunters, thermal optics provides Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to enjoy each and every minute in the hunting field. But these thermal optics are quite expensive. So choose wisely based on your needs and start your next adventure with thermal goggles.

Hope so, you have learned something about thermal goggles and thermal binoculars. If you have any queries, don’t forget to comment on us in the section below. You can also share your hunting experience with us, we love to hear it.


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