FLIR E95 Thermal Imaging Camera with MSX & UltraMax, 464 x 348 (2022)

For the highest thermal imaging resolution in it's class, the FLIR E96 Thermal Imaging Camera builds further on the specification of the FLIR E76 and E86 and still combines all of the latest technology available from FLIR Systems and puts it into a completely redesigned thermal imager. With the E96, FLIR has completely re-engineered the popular Exx Series infrared cameras and puts all their know how into a brilliant new series of thermal imaging cameras, which have been designed to offer the best performance, sensitivity and resolution of any pistol grip thermal imaging camera on the market.

The FLIR E76, E86 and E96 are packed with a host of features which make troubleshooting of electrical and power systems and mechanical systems quick and easy, avoiding costly equipment failures. For building and pest inspections, the FLIR E96 allows you to find moisture problems, identify leaks and inspect insulation and building problems due to the industry leading sensitivity and resolution.

A new, larger and brighter touchscreen provides the user with control of the E96's menu settings in an intuitive navigation system, complete with multi-touch gestures support which has the sensitivity of a smartphone or a tablet. The screen is made of tough Dragontail® glass and the entire thermal imaging camera is housed in a new rubberised dust and water resistant housing, offering further protection from our harsh Australian environment.

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Previously, add on lenses were required to be calibrated with the thermal imaging camera, which meant that the entire thermal imaging camera had to be re-calibrated whenever an add on lens was purchased, but with the new FLIR E96, standard, wide angle and narrow field lenses can be interchanged without needing to be re-calibrated. A new technology allows the lenses to be added to a camera without returning it for a factory calibration. Lenses can also be swapped between thermal imaging cameras as required. With the E76, E86 and E96 thermal imaging cameras, changing a lens ins as simple as removing one lens, twisting it's replacement lens on and using the in-camera wizard to auto-calibrate the new lens, so now additional lenses can be purchased and easily changed, making the E95 a very modular thermal imaging system.

The FLIR E96 produces a best in class razor sharp thermal image, thanks to it's 640 x 480 infrared resolution, delivering 307,200 native temperature pixels. Previously this resolution of thermal imaging camera would have cost many tens of thousands of dollars or more, but now due to advances in technology and FLIR's commitment to staying at the forefront of thermal imaging equipment, it is now possible to obtain this sort of resolution and performance at a price which could only have been a distant dream, even in recent times. With a whopping resolution and amazing thermal sensitivity of only 0.04°C, the image provided by the FLIR E96 is best in class, even when working in areas where temperature differences are small, or from a distance. This resolution is higher than the resolution found in even the FLIR T420, 440 or 460, but in a thermal imaging camera, which is much more affordable, putting professional results within the reach of many more thermographers and contractors than ever before.

In order to enhance the thermal image, the E96 boasts TWO of FLIR's proprietary imaging tools. MSX is a FLIR patented system which uses the integrated visual camera to identify edges and patterns, and adding them in real time to the thermal image. MSX images contain all the necessary temperature information and thermal patterns, but with visual detail and references. UltraMax is another FLIR enhancement boasted by the E76, E86 and E96 thermal imaging cameras. When used, this super-resolution technology captures 16 thermal images with one single press of the image capture button. Very slight, natural hand movement means that each image will be slightly different and many more data points will be captured. When each image is downloaded to the FLIR Studio Suite software program, the 16 images are combined into a single image, but with up to 4 times as many pixels as a standard thermal image, giving the E96 a massive 1280 x 960 thermal image (1.228 megapixels).

Laser assisted auto focus continues the FLIR mission with the E96 to make capturing great thermal images quick and easy. A built in laser distance meter makes certain that the lens is correctly set each time the auto focus button is pressed. A manual focus ring is also provided for users who may prefer to manually focus the E96, or who may be upgrading from the FLIR E30, E40, E50 or E60 and be used to manual focus, but laser focus is fast and accurate, and as an additional bonus also provides distance to target information, which provides data needed to measure an area (m2 or ft2) of a temperature anomaly - perhaps missing insulation, moisture damage, pest damage or other faults right there on the screen. In continuous focus mode, the laser assisted technology responds instantly to movement, maintaining focus, even in cluttered surroundings and giving a clear view from even wide angles.

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FLIR have paid an extreme amount of attention to the design and functionality of the E96, adding on a plethora of features which will ensure that this camera is positioned squarely at the cutting edge of modern thermal imaging technology. Attention to detail, such as moving the visual camera lens closer to the thermal image camera lens, upgrading the visual camera to a new 5MP shooter, and adding a built in microphone for voice annotation without the need for a cumbersome headset are all features which add to the overall user experience.

Wireless communication has always been a FLIR forté, and with the new FLIR E96, this has not changed, with the latest communication interfaces being available such as WiFi and Bluetooth. Wifi allows a smartphone or tablet, running the free FLIR Tools Mobile app to be connected to the E96. This app allows the user to view the thermal imaging camera screen in real time on a mobile device, images can also be captured and uploaded to cloud services, and a report can be created and emailed from the field there and then, aiding productivity and perceived professionalism. Bluetooth allows FLIR MeterLink to work, which connects the FLIR E96 to any MeterLink equipped FLIR clamp meter, multimeter or moisture meter. All data from the connected meter can be captured and and stored with the thermal image, and the built in compass and GPS means that knowing where the image was taken is simple to look up.

Thousands of image pairs (thermal and visual) can be stored on the on-board SD card, and now the FLIR E96 allows thermal video with full radiometric data for every pixel in the image to be recorded. In addition to this, FLIR have also completely overhauled the memory structure with the E96. Previously image were stored with a number, but now the new memory structure allows media to be organised into a folder structure of your choice, whether by customer, location, or another parameter. Voice and text notes can be annotated to each image, and downloading to a PC or Mac can be accomplished by either connecting the supplied USB cable, wirelessly to a tablet or smartphone, or by inserting the SD card into a computer. The FLIR Studio Suite software offers a powerful solution to image analysis and reporting. Various colour palettes are available, as are a number of image measurement tools, such as centre spot (up to 3 spots in live mode), automatic hot and cold spot, and the user can even define a temperature threshold and show everything above or below in different colours, which makes detection of electrical and mechanical faults, as well as building, moisture and pest problems far easier.

The FLIR E96 also offers time lapse thermal imaging capture, over a period of time from 10 seconds to 24 hours, making it the thermal imaging camera of choice for users who may need to capture a number of thermal images at pre-determined intervals over a period of time to highlight temperature changes.

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  • Enhanced 640 x 480 infrared resolution (307,200 temperature pixels)
  • Thermal sensitivity of 0.04°C (40mK)
  • View and measure highest temperatures from -20 to +1500°C (-4 to +2732°F)
  • UltraMax (4 times more pixels for a 1280 x 960 thermal image - 1,228,800 pixels)
  • Laser assisted auto focus and continuous focus with distance measurement
  • FLIR's patented MSX technology for high level image details
  • WiFi for live streaming and capture to tablets and smartphones
  • Time lapse image capture from 10 seconds to 24 hours
  • Bluetooth for MeterLink, to connect a FLIR clamp meter, multimeter or moisture meter
  • Auto-Calibrating interchangeable lenses
  • Larger 4 inch display which is 33% brighter than previous models
  • Responsive new interface offers better intuition
  • Full radiometric video recording
  • Capacitive touchscreen for excellent sensitivity
  • Multi touch gestures (pinch to zoom in, swipe down to access shortcuts etc.)
  • Built in microphone for easy voice annotation of images
  • New on board image storage menu for saving images by customer, location and other parameters
  • Compass and GPS
  • On board SD memory card for saving large numbers of images
  • Thermal and visual images are automatically paired - no more searching for the correct ones
  • Progammable "P" button to toggle between two frequently used functions or settings
  • FLIR's best in industry 2/10 warranty (2 years full product warranty and 10 years infrared detector warranty)

What's in the Box:

  • Infrared Camera with Lens
  • Two Batteries
  • Battery Charger with Power Supply
  • Front Lens and Light Protection
  • Straps (Hand and Wrist)
  • Lanyards
  • Lens Caps (Front And Rear)
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • 15 W3 A Power Supply
  • Printed Documentation
  • 8GB SD Card
  • Torx Screwdriver
  • Cables (USB 2.0A to USB Type-C, USB Type-C to HDMI, USB Type-C to USB Type-C

Download Attachment Exx Series (1.27 MB)

(Video) FLIR E95 vs Fluke Ti450 Industrial Thermal Camera Comparison


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