Flir FX review: Flir FX can go anywhere you go (2022)

At $200 (£163 on Amazon UK), Flir FX is a direct Nest Cam , Netatmo Welcome , Samsung SmartCam HD Pro and Piper competitor. Since DIY security cameras in the $200-plus price range are considered high-end -- and since this category as a whole is rapidly growing -- these brands are under increasing pressure to deliver both in terms of HD video quality and advanced features. (Availability in Australia has yet to be announced.)

Although Flir FX lacks third-party smart-home integrations like IFTTT and SmartThings , it has lots of options. It offers HD video streaming and recording, free two-day cloud storage, a microSD card slot for local storage, four-hour battery backup, a time-lapse video of the day's events, detection zones and optional accessories that convert the indoor Flir FX into either an outdoor security camera or an action camera.

Even so, this pricey camera suffered from frequent phantom alerts, in-app glitches that returned erroneous error messages and significant lag times between receiving motion or sound alerts and actually being able to view the saved clips in the app. Flir FX is versatile to be sure, but its well-roundedness doesn't translate to top performance. Consider Flir FX if security camera portability is your main concern. If not, I'd pass.

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Versatility comes at a price

High-end security cameras tend to go above and beyond to distinguish themselves from less-expensive DIY models . Flir FX is no exception.

It brings 720p video streaming (that's a resolution of 1,280x720) and 1080p video recording (1,920x1080) to the table, along with free recording to a microSD card (not included, it supports sizes ranging from 8 to 64GB) and optional cloud services. Flir's basic cloud subscription gives you "unlimited" storage for up to two days and access to the video time-lapse and detection zone features. Seven-day storage costs $10 per month or $100 per year, and 30-day storage costs $20 per month or $200 per year.

If you tire of having a power-adapter-tethered Flir FX, you can pull the plug and enjoy the camera cord-free for up to four hours (when it's attached to the camera stand; two hours if you detach the camera from its stand) before it needs to be recharged. If that wasn't enough mobility for you, the Flir brand sells optional accessories designed to transform the indoor-only FX model into a weatherproof outdoor security camera, a waterproof sport/action camera or a dashboard-mounted car camera.

(Video) FLIR FX Mulit Purpose Camera - super versatile camera does everything [Review]
Flir FXNest CamDropcam ProPiperSamsung SmartCam HD Pro
Price $200$200$200$200$190
Color BlackBlackBlackWhiteWhite
Field of view (diagonal) 160 degrees130 degrees130 degrees180 degrees128 degrees
Streaming video quality 1,280x7201,920x1,0801,280x7201,920x1,0801,920x1,080
Cloud storage Yes, starts with two days of free storageYes, starts at $10/month or $99/year for 10 daysYes, starts at $10/month or $99/year for 7 daysYes, saves up to 1,000 clips at no extra cost No
Local storage Yes, microSD cardNoNoNoYes, microSD card
Night vision YesYesYesNoYes
Mobile app Yes, Android and iOSYes, Android and iOSYes, Android and iOSYes, Android and iOSYes, Android and iOS
Web app NoYesYesYesYes
Two-way audio YesYesYesYesYes
Motion and sound alerts YesYesYesYesYes
Protocol integration NoNoNoYes, Z-WaveNo

Looking at the side-by-side comparison above, you can see that no other camera in its price range offers both local and cloud storage options. And while battery-powered security cameras like the indoor-only Homeboy and the indoor/outdoor Netgear Arlo have some advanced flexibility over many of their peers, none of the models I've reviewed come close to matching Flir FX's versatility.

In addition to its basic motion and sound alerts, this camera also has temperature and humidity sensors so you can set customizable environmental notifications. But my favorite advanced feature by far is Flir FX's "Rapid Recap." Rapid Recap is a little tricky to explain, but it gives you a condensed time-stamped time-lapse video of all of the activity that's taken place within a specified amount of time.

Folks using the free two-day cloud option only get to create three Rapid Recaps per cycle, while subscribers at the $10 and $30 level have access to unlimited recaps. Check out the video below for a better idea of what Rapid Recap can do. As you can imagine, this feature would definitely come in handy if you want a quick look at everything that happened at home during a 6-to-12 hour period (free cloud service users can recap up to 6 hours, while paid users can recap up to 8 hours for the $10, seven-day subscription and up to 12 hours for the $20, 30-day subscription).

The nitty-gritty

Before I could start testing out all of these features, I had to download the Flir FX app (it's available for Android and iOS devices) and follow the instructions to set up my camera. This process went smoothly, although the app doesn't mask Wi-Fi or account passwords, putting them on full display inside the app. I found that odd, since most other DIY security cam configurations take care to hide those details.

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(Video) FLIR FX Security/Action/Dash Camera System REVIEW

While I didn't have any other concerns or setbacks during setup, I did find the configuration process a little more involved than that of models like Nest Cam, which took all of 5 minutes. The Flir app even instructs you to charge your FX for at least 20 minutes before continuing to the next step. That isn't complicated, but it is a little inconvenient if you're hoping for "plug-and-play."

The ease-of-use didn't change much once I connected the camera and started exploring the app in-depth.

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(Video) First Look: FLIR | FX

Not only does it have some general clunkiness that makes the navigation learning curve steeper than I'd like, but it was glitchy, too.

Nearly every time that I enabled motion alerts, I received the following error: "Update camera 'Front Door' -- There was an error updating the camera."

Confusingly, the error message was completely erroneous since the app always completed the "enable motion" command successfully.

Performance was also hit-or-miss. You have the option to select between HD and SD quality for live streaming (to ease any bandwidth concerns), but the HD quality was regularly grainier and more pixelated than expected in both day- and night-vision modes.

I also received numerous phantom motion alerts during testing, many of which popped up in oddly consistent two- or three-second intervals for hours, rendering the highest sensitivity setting on the motion sensor setting all but useless. Switching the setting to medium or low sensitivity did help, but inaccurate alerts still snuck in occasionally.

There was an annoying lag time between receiving a sound or motion alert and being able to actually find the clip for review in the activity log. Sometimes a clip would appear right away and others it would take 15 or more minutes for it to populate.

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Flir FX review: Flir FX can go anywhere you go (9)
(Video) FLIR-FX Wireless HD Monitoring Camera

That often meant that selecting "Open screen" on the in-app alert (as seen in the center screenshot above) didn't work, since that specific video hadn't yet been saved in the log.

Another wallflower

Like many security cameras, the black Flir FX blends in easily with its surroundings. It features an adjustable stand that that can fold and extend with minimal effort, although it isn't optimized for rotation. I also wish it had a magnetic base, like Nest Cam and Netgear Arlo.

I like that you can remove the camera from its stand, but it doesn't feel as sturdy as models like Nest Cam or ArcSoft's Simplicam . Generally, though, Flir FX camera looks pretty good and seems durable enough for indoor use (the optional accessories for outdoor use would add a much-needed layer of protection).

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Is Flir FX for you?

There's a lot happening in the DIY security camera market today. While Flir FX definitely offers an impressive array of features, it needs to perform better to stay competitive in the smart-home industry. Specifically, its app is glitchy, its alerts are unreliable, and its streaming quality is surprisingly grainy for HD.

Flir FX is also missing third-party partnerships, and those will become increasingly important as Apple's Siri-based HomeKit platform , Google's Brillo operating system and other Internet of Things powerhouses, like Works with Nest, continue to develop. Skip Flir FX unless you really need a security-and-action-cam-in-one.


What is Flir FX? ›

FLIR FX is a versatile wireless HD camera that allows you to see the day in a minute and keep an eye on the things you care about – anytime, any place.

What app do I use for FLIR FX? ›

To ensure you can access all these improvements and more, make sure to download the FLIR FX 2.0 app for iOS or Android. Also, be sure to upgrade your firmware to version 1267. For the web app, no download is required. It's supported for all major web browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge and more.

How do I connect my FLIR FX to WiFi? ›

To connect the camera to a new WiFi network:
  1. Press the WiFi button ( ) on the camera for 1 second. ...
  2. Access your smartphone / tablet settings. ...
  3. Launch the FLIR FX app and access the camera Live View.
  4. Tap the Settings icon ( ...
  5. Tap WiFi Network (smartphones) or Camera Connection > WiFi Network (tablets).
18 Sept 2018

How do I set up my FLIR camera? ›

How can I connect my FLIR Ethernet camera to FLIR Tools?
  1. Open Programs and Features in the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Select FLIR Tools from the list.
  3. Click the Change button.
  4. Click the Options button and click "Network Camera Support". Then continue with the installation.

Is there a FLIR app for iPhone? ›

Yes. There is a free FLIR One iPhone app. The app lets you use the camera, measure temperatures and take both pictures and videos. There are some other apps too.

What is infrared camera used for? ›

An infrared camera (also known as a thermal imager) detects and measures the infrared energy of objects. The camera converts that infrared data into an electronic image that shows the apparent surface temperature of the object being measured.

What happened to FLIR cloud app? ›

As a user of the FLIR Cloud app, we will be moving you over to an updated app called Lorex Cloud to ensure improved connectivity and reliability with your LHV or LNR Series Lorex device.

Can you use mobile hotspot for security cameras? ›

Firstly, mobile hotspots are usually not fast enough to handle the camera's hefty system requirements. Blink cameras require at least 2Mb/sec upload speed, and they can use over half a gig of data per hour.

How can I use CCTV on mobile without internet? ›

How to Use Mobile as Cctv Camera Without Internet
  1. Download the Necessary Apps.
  2. Connect to a Local Network Without Internet Access.
  3. Connect Sender Device from App.
  4. Check Stream From the Receiver Device.
6 May 2022

How do I get pictures off my FLIR camera? ›

FLIR Tools can be used to import images from any mass storage camera. You can also copy and paste the images from the camera drive to a folder on your PC. The drivers will map the camera to a drive letter, usually Z:\, so you can copy and paste the images to a folder on your PC.

How do I use the FLIR app? ›

Quick Look: Introducing the New FLIR ONE Application for iOS - YouTube

What is the default password for FLIR cameras? ›

Enter the client user name (default: admin) and password (default: admin) and click Login. Install FLIR Cloud™ Client from the CD or from on a PC or Mac in the same LAN as the IP camera.

Is Lorex FLIR? ›

FLIR initially acquired Lorex in late 2012 for CAD$59 million as part of an effort to bring thermal imaging technology to a broader customer base.

How do I connect my Lorex FLIR to my Iphone? ›

Getting Started with Lorex FLIR Secure Tutorial - YouTube


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