New 4G/LTE offshore solution unveiled (2023)

Typically, coastal 4G/LTE services have a range to around 12 nautical miles, but a new service introduced this month extends this out to 60 nautical miles for fast and low-cost connectivity.

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This can be used for internet-of-things technology, big data transfer, crew welfare services and operational communications over a robust link.

4G/LTE services deliver fast bandwidth with low latency, as long as vessels remain within network coverage. Outside this coverage, vessels need to revert to satellite communications.

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AMI Marine has introduced X-LTE to provide bandwidth speeds of up to 150 mbps, with low latency to 60 nautical miles offshore. This is a 4G offshore solution for commercial vessels with no bandwidth throttling, connectivity issues due to weather and no congestion.

AMI Marine said there is no more power output than a smartphone and X-LTE can be installed by a vessel engineer and crew. There are no heavy items to lift, nor is there any hot work required. Hardware includes a Sputnik24 antenna and connection cables. Seamless connectivity to any number of roaming partners in a single territory is offered due to AMI’s partner SIM options.

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A pay-as-you-go service is available for prepurchase trials and there is a connected signal off most coastlines worldwide.

Other 4G/LTE marine and offshore services are available such as MVG’s NeptuLink, which delivers continuous high-speed internet connectivity of up 100 Mbps out 20 nautical miles offshore. It is tailored to withstand the harsh marine conditions of high winds, corrosive elements, sea swells and lulls.

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NeptuLink has a dual-SIM option, enabling users to select the most optimised internet coverage, thus avoiding roaming costs. Equipment includes a transceiver unit, a local area network connector and power connection for 12 V direct current.


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