Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (2022)

Most mobile devices - book readers, tablet computers, touchscreen smartphones are equipped operating system Android Date and time for them is usually set by the cellular operator when buying a SIM card. On latest versions Android (for example, 4.1+) provides the ability to change these parameters automatically. You can customize the clock yourself, using the "Settings" section in the menu of your phone / smartphone / tablet.

Time resetting procedure

The Settings icon can be located in applications or on the desktop. On some devices, this feature is indicated by the "Parameters" item. After entering the section will open an extensive menu. In it you need to find the subsection "System" and click on the item "Date and time." This tab also has many options. You should carefully read them. This will allow you to quickly and accurately set the necessary parameters.

Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (1)Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (2)Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (3)Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (4)

  1. Option "Automatically set the date and time." It is usually used in mobile devices on the Android operating system with an internet connection. It allows you to synchronize the clock of a mobile device with a clock located on the server of an Internet provider. When you turn it on, you will not be able to change the date and time manually. Therefore, a tick from this option should be removed.
  2. In many devices on the android there is a function to automatically select the time zone (synchronization via network or GPS). To gain access to the manual configuration, it must also be disabled.
  3. Select time zone. Clicking on the button opens a list of cities with different time zones. If it does not have a settlement where you live, you just need to choose the one closest to your place of residence.
  4. Setting the date. Clicking on this item will open the calendar. To change the date, you just need to select a specific date, month and year. Click on the button "OK" ("Done").
  5. Display format (24-hour or 12-hour). When using the 12-hour format, the afternoon time will be counted starting from one (instead of 13 - 1 hour, etc.).
  6. Time setting This option allows you to set the time by selecting the appropriate values ​​from the bars indicating the hours and minutes. Then click on the "Finish" button (OK).
  7. To return to the desktop after completing the procedure, just click on the arrow pointing up. It is located at the bottom of the page.

The need to set the clock

Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (5)In most cases, the clock in mobile device on android work properly. The need to change the time parameters usually occurs when changing the time zone during the journey. Sometimes a malfunction in their work is observed when moving to another region, where other settings of the cellular communication network are in effect. This usually happens when the automatic use of network settings is selected. In this case, you need to uncheck the specified items and change the settings manually. If installed special program The synchronization of the operating system clock with the server clock (for example, Clock Sync) may necessitate its reconfiguration or reinstallation.

The names of the options in the menu in different devices may differ slightly. For example, the automatic synchronization function may be designated as “Network Time”. It depends on the translation and the version of the operating system. The system setup procedure is the same for all mobile devices and does not depend on the OS version.

How to change the date in Android? Despite the very simple interface of the operating system, many users cannot solve standard system problems: setting the date, text encoding, errors in applications and others.

Due to an incorrectly set number, the following related problems may occur:

  • The user can not enter the app store;
  • Installation of programs is not possible due to a date failure;
  • Problems with receiving calls and messages.

If you have identified one or more of the above problems on your device, this means that a time setting violation occurred in the system.

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Standard Setup Method

As a rule, the number on all Android devices is determined automatically via the Internet. . Also, the user can set the day and time manually.

If the phone crashes, you must first try to change it in a standard way. Follow the instructions:

  • Turn on the device menu using the key indicated in the figure;
  • Find the icon to open the settings menu and click on it;

Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (6)

  • Find a date and time item;

Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (7)

Remember! The appearance of all the icons and menus of the smartphone may differ due to different versions operating system or installed programs to design and change the appearance of icons.

  • Now in the opened window you need to change the parameters. of today. Also in the window you can set the time and time zone autotune, set a convenient custom display format for the number;

Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (8)

  • Change the time and number manually or connect to the Internet and do it automatically;

Thus, you can change the date settings in the standard way. However, quite often, users are faced with the problems of saving the settings: a window pops up with the message of the following nature “a date setting error has occurred.”

This error appears every time you try to change the parameters. Let's take a closer look at how to solve this problem.

If there is a date setting error

After failures in the phone, the date may take the form "3F.3F.FF". This entry means that there is no timer entry in the device’s RAM. One way to solve the problem:

  1. Every time after trying to change the date, it returns to the past. You can try to solve the failure manually or using superuser rights. To try to solve the error manually, remove the SIM card from the phone.
    In most cases, there is a banal date conflict: the one that is installed on the device itself and the one that the operator has installed mobile communications in the settings of the SIM card. After the sim card is removed, turn on the phone again;
  2. Go to the settings and change the time zone manually again and only then install the SIM card again;
  3. Restart the phone and check the date and time display.

If the number is still not displayed in the wrong way, the driver may have failed software devices.

To adjust correct work systems need to be made hard Reset devices:

Resetting the factory settings helps solve many software problems devices, in particular, and date display. Follow the instructions to make hard reset phone or tablet:

  • Go to the phone settings;
  • Find the item to restore, reset and reserve copy files, as shown in the figure;

Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (9)

  • Open the menu item and reset the phone to factory settings. Everything installed applications and themes will be deleted. The phone will reboot, you will need to spend basic settingas during the first start.

The question of how to change the date in Android is usually quickly resolved through the settings, but sometimes it is not possible to set the correct time the first time: the value is constantly lost or incorrectly displayed on the tablet or phone.

It does not matter which version of Android and with which shell is installed on the tablet or phone, you can adjust the date and time according to one algorithm.

  1. Open the main menu of Android. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to the "Date and time".
  3. Pay attention to the auto-tuning options. If the date and time are determined by the network, but you see incorrect values, connect to the Internet, deactivate the autotune option by selecting “Turn Off”, and then turn it on again.

If the time is still incorrectly displayed after the update, disable the auto-tune by removing the checkmarks from using the network data and set the values ​​manually. The corresponding items will be available for making changes immediately after deactivating the automatic setting.

To set the date and time, in turn, open the items with the same name. Move the numbers up and down to change the set value, and then click Finish to save.

Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (10)

The time zone is configured in the same way. You can enable its definition over the network or change it manually. In addition, you can customize the format for displaying the date and time on a tablet or phone. The time can be displayed in 12-hour or 24-hour format, and the date - with a different order of day, month and year.

Why does time go astray?

Usually, the time on Android is automatically adjusted after installing the SIM card and turning on the device. But why does it occasionally get lost on a tablet or phone, if the system has enough tools to constantly check and maintain the correct value? The phone does not have a CMOS battery, which is responsible for storing the correct date and time on the computer. Therefore, there can be two reasons:

  1. Use autotuning.
  2. The difference between the operator's time zone and the time zone on a tablet or phone.

How to disable on Android automatic detection of date and time on the network, described above. But if, after carrying out these manipulations, the time still goes astray, try the following algorithm:

  1. Turn off the device, remove the SIM card.
  2. Turn on the device, go to settings. Open the "Date and time" section, disable the automatic detection of the time zone.
  3. Set the correct time zone, apply the changes.
  4. Turn off the phone, insert the SIM card.

If this failed to change anything, and the screen still displays incorrect values, try resetting the settings to the factory state. The procedure will be the same, only after removing the SIM, you must first reset the settings, and only then manually set the time zone. Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (11)

You can roll back the phone to the factory state in the “Restore and reset” section. Be careful: when resetting, all user data will be deleted from the phone’s memory. Therefore, you should first do backup copy contacts and important files. If this method did not help, install a third-party application for time synchronization - for example, a program, ClockSync.

Sometimes even the simplest operations cause users little difficulty. For example, beginner owners of Android devices often wonder - how to change the date in Android? The thing is that this does not require any special knowledge. And if you ever held in your hands mobile phone, you can always set the time and date in your smartphone. Let's see how date and time are configured in mobile devices.

How to change the date in Android in manual mode? We assure that for this you do not need superuser rights, cryptic commands and access to engineering menu. Android is a very simple operating system, so changing the date is as simple as possible here - just go to the settings. Manual setting of the date and time is needed on devices not connected to the network, since there is simply no other synchronization here.

In order to change the date on Android, and at the same time correct the time, you need to visit the system settings. This is done in two ways:

  • Shift the top curtain and click on the gear symbol;
  • Go to the main menu, select "Settings" (also in the form of a gear symbol).

At the bottom of the list we will see the item “Date and time” - you just can't miss it.

Please note that in some Android devices, the menu with settings has been modified and divided into several tabs - the item for setting the date and time in such devices is located in the “Options” tab.

Going to this point, we will see a lot of interesting things. If a SIM card is not installed in your smartphone or tablet, automatic synchronization will not be possible. In order to set the correct time and the correct date, it is necessary to uncheck the "Auto-detect time" checkbox. After this points manual installation time and current dates become available.

Next, click on the item "Set date", select the current date, current month and current year, click OK - now the date is set correctly. In the next step, set the time. To do this, you need to tap on the item “Set time” - set the hours and minutes, click on the OK button. Next, you need to uncheck "Auto-detect time zone" and select your time zone manually. If the time goes wrong, correct it.

The problem with time zones often causes a lot of inconvenience to domestic users - in our country, they either cancel the transition to winter / summer time, or play with the number of time zones. As a result, problems with setting the correct time are observed on smartphones and computers.

Then you can choose the time display format - these can be 12-hour or 24-hour formats. Putting a tick, you select the 24-hour display format, and removing the tick, you will switch to 12-hour format. Below we select the date display format - in android settings There are several ways to display the current date, differing by the location of the year, month and day.

If you do not know what to choose, stop at the option “Local”, this format implies displaying the date in the next order - day, month, year (the format adopted in Russia).

Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (12)
How to change the date in Android automatically? This operation implies that the current date will be retrieved from mobile network - the correct time and the correct date are constantly broadcast there. Automatic configuration will work only if a SIM card is inserted in the device.. As soon as a smartphone or tablet registers with cellular network, the necessary data will be read from it.

To enable the automatic setting of the date, you need to check the "Auto-detect time" checkbox - in this case, the "Set date" and "Set time" items will become unavailable. If the network incorrectly sets the time zone (or your device does not know about problems with time zones and summer / winter time in our country), uncheck the box “Auto-detect time zone” and select it yourself.

The correct time zone for Moscow time is Moscow time zone GMT +03: 00. Select the appropriate value for your region in the drop-down list.

Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (13)
Now you know how to change the date in Android - for this you need to visit the system settings and use the "Date and time" item. Data installation is carried out in Android in manual or automatic modes. If you want to get the most accurate time, you should select automatic detection. But what to do if the accuracy of the mobile network is not enough or your device does not know how to communicate with mobile networks?

In order to obtain accurate data on the current time and current date, you must use third-party applications. The most powerful application for automatic time synchronization is ClockSync from the developer Sergey Baranov. Despite its more than modest size, the utility has decent functionality. Here we will find:

  • Automatic time setting with root-rights;
  • Automatic time setting without root-rights;
  • High accuracy mode;
  • Selection of server for time synchronization;
  • Setting the request interval to the exact time;
  • Battery save mode;
  • Detailed statistics;
  • Base time zones (will be useful for older smartphones);
  • Automatic detection of the time zone;
  • The function of updating system data about time zones.

Install the application and get the exact time on your watch. Also, you will not need to take care of setting the date, if it for some reason gets lost.

The function of updating system data on time zones will be useful to many Russian users whose smartphones and tablets do not know about the absence of a summer / winter time change and about changes in time zones. True, this function requires root privileges.

Novice users of Android devices have a lot of difficulties even with elementary actions. But do not worry - a couple of days of active use and the smartphone will become your reliable companion and helper in everyday affairs. One of the actual problems is setting the date on a mobile device. Using the following tips, you can in a few minutes to set the date and time on Android.

Setup process

Most of the parameters of the mobile device can be adjusted in the "Settings", which is located in the main menu of the smartphone. Press the "Menu" button (for each device it has its own, most often located among the touch buttons at the bottom of the display).

A set of icons will appear on the display, find among them the “Settings”, which are represented as a gear, and click on the icon.

Menus may also vary. Among the various parameters, find the item called "Date and time" and click on the icon. It may be hidden in another section (for example, “Phone”, “Basic Settings”, etc.).

Set the day, month and year. Set the exact time. You can also change the display format. Save the changes.

Possible errors and their elimination

Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (14)The process of changing the date and time to - quite simple, but due to failures in the system, various errors can occur. The user may be surprised by the appearance of the inscription on the display, which states that an error occurred and the changes are not saved.

Ways to solve the problem:

  • Reset device settings;
  • Contact the service center if the first option was ineffective.

Option 1

It is possible that the manufacturer of a smartphone or tablet has set a time zone that is incompatible with yours, so the system crashes. To avoid this problem, you need to adjust the parameter before installing the SIM card in the device.

  1. To fix the error, remove the SIM card from the smartphone.
  2. Open the “Settings” section in the menu, just as you did before.
  3. In the settings, find the item called "Restore and reset" (other options are possible, but the essence remains the same).
  4. Use the function "Reset settings".
  5. Now open the “Date and time” section, disable the items related to the network time zone, date and time, and then set the desired time zone.
  6. Insert the SIM card into your smartphone and set the date.

Set the exact time on the phone. How to change and set the time on android (15)

Option 2

It is intended for users who could not solve the problem of setting the date and time on their own. Seek assistance from qualified service personnel.

Tips on setting the date and time in your mobile device will be useful for novice users. Over time, every action with the device will be brought to automatism and you will no longer have to resort to instructions.

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